At one hour and two minutes into The Third Man and at one hundred and twenty-seven entries into Takinogawamonogatari Harry Lime makes his entrance accompanied by a cat. The actor is cued. The cat actor is cued. The cat pads down the cobblestone street to its mark on the doorstep of an apartment building, and then briefly glances at someone off camera, possibly the director. A single glance is all it takes to show the feline's high level of reverence for the movie making process, as well as simultaneously undermine the believability of the scene itself. One can almost hear director Carol Reed whispering to the cat in barely contained rage not to look at him, to look at Orson Welles, "Look at Orson!" The cat then plays for a bit with Welle's shoelace (most certainly slathered in sardine oil as an enticement), followed by a painstaking cleaning of its paw, and then by a gargantuan yawn that concludes the scene.